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Android & IOS

Interact and chat with Idols

路 live
路 live
路 live
Ngoc Nhi
路 live
Mai Ph瓢啤ng
路 live
Nguyen Anh Tho
路 live
Linh Pham
路 live
路 live

Beauty plays games with friends

How to install APP

Weak network

Downloaded apps may become unresponsive due to network delays. Fun Please wait a moment (about 15 seconds) cho until the download window pops up on the page to download.

APP risk reminder

Installing on an Android phone will display some warnings is software that has viruses, applications that are harmful or dangerous. All are all incorrect. You can safely install and use it.

VIVO and OPPO mobile phones remove risk warnings

For vivo phones, please go to Settings -> Privacy Privacy -> Turn off vivo's system check function and you can install it Normal. For oppo phones, please go to Settings -> Other settings -> Security and privacy -> Turn off unknown sources Root can be installed normally.

Warning about risks when releasing Android

For other Android phones, you can go to Settings -> Add Settings -> Security -> Turn off unknown sources to Download and install normally.

iPhone version application

The IOS operating system is divided into many backup download links. An error occurs cannot be installed. Having trouble accessing the app that was pushed to you Please delete and download the latest version to avoid the same problem above.

iPhone Trusted Guide

Once the download is complete, go to Settings -> Chung -> Device Management -> Click Trusted Certificates.

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